“Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul 
And sings the tune without the words 
And never stops at all.” 

Emily Dickinson

  • Caroline Batenburg, MD

Meet Caroline Batenburg, MD

As a psychiatrist, I feel a strong duty to care for my patients

As a physician, I strive for excellence and compassion

As a mother, I preach and seek balance in life

As a woman, I want to nurture and teach how to nurture

As a human being I want to meet you where you are

and wish to see you have

or gather hope...

as I do, always.

Practice Areas

The following are some notes on how I practice psychiatry



Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric evaluations are comprehensive assessments which can signal a start of psychiatric treatment or done as a consultation. It generally takes 1- 1.5 hours to complete.


My role in the community is to provide expertise in psychopharmacology, since there are many therapists available for therapy. However, I see my patients as more than a pot of neurotransmitters, thus I look beyond the chemicals in people.


Children and teens

Children and teens are seen with their parent(s) and by themselves, usually. Parents are given an opportunity to speak to me alone as well.


Therapy and Hypnosis

During most visits a form of supportive/ cognitive therapy is practiced. In some circumstances therapeutic hypnosis might be recommended and utilized. This is done only with explicit consent from the patient. 


Collaboration with therapists

My emphasis in practice is on psychopharmacology, but my view on psychiatry is much broader than that. I therefore encourage therapy and communicate with therapists involved in patient care.


A-D/HD and the Quotient

The gold standard for a diagnosis of A-D/HD in children is a psychiatric evaluation, with collateral information form parents and teachers. In adults, I often use an objective measure of attention, called the Quotient, to aid in making a diagnosis. Drug screens, collateral information from other parties may be required as well.


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